Marilyn Maag

First post: Aug 15, 2020 Latest post: Jan 22, 2024
I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 20, 2006, which was 10 days after my 50th birthday. I had mastectomy surgery, followed by chemotherapy.  The process of working my way through all that treatment took about a year.  I was hopeful.  I intended to go forward and live my life without hearing from the cancer again.  After 9 years, in 2016, the cancer developed again, as a local recurrence in the area of my right breast.  There was no sign of the cancer elsewhere in my body.  I had chemotherapy for a second time, along with radiation, and once again, was hopeful.  Now, in 2020, the breast cancer has metastasized to my liver.  This time I was heart broken -- until I talked with my doctor, that is.  I found out that his recommended treatment is not chemotherapy, but an alternative treatment that will allow me to keep feeling good and to live my normal life.  My health is excellent except for the cancer, so I am expected to survive it for many more years.

I plan to keep this blog open for years, so that anyone may read about how I am doing, at any time, and if he or she so choses, to write a comment or message.  This blog will allow me to update my family and friends at one time, so that I can keep my focus on living my life.  I do not want the focus of my life to be cancer.  I want to do all the things I enjoy with all the people I love!

Thank you, dear family and friends, for your encouragement and support.  I know I have an army of friends surrounding me.