Marie Fisher

First post: May 15, 2019 Latest post: Aug 11, 2020
Welcome to our Caring Bridge website for Marie Fisher. We are using it to keep everyone updated in one place, in a timely manner, of Marie's condition and progress. We appreciate all of the love, support, and prayers, from our friends and family.  Thank you for visiting. 

Marie's story starts last Thursday 9 May 2019 in the afternoon.  She was out in the woods behind her house possibly hunting for mushrooms.  At some point during this time she became disorientated.  It became dark, and she became lost. Her daughter Judy, typically calls Marie in the evening.  When she didn't answer, a neighbor was alerted to go over and check on her.  They found the car in the drive, the house unlocked, but no one we there.  Authorities were alerted, and a search party looked for her late into the evening.    

The search resumed Friday morning.  Also that morning, another person was in the same area hunting for mushrooms. Around 8:00 am, he came across Marie, and called authorities.  She had severe hypothermia from the exposure.  She was flown to Carle hospital, in Urbana. Doctors were able to bring her body temperature and vitals back to normal.    When we were able to see her soon after, she was only able to say a word or two, but she did recognize us.  Doctors conducted a CT scan to look for broken bones (none were found), and found an edema (swelling) on her brain.  Later an MRI was completed to get a better understanding of her condition.  The results showed, that she has a brain tumor.  We feel that the tumor is likely what was causing the edema (swelling), and confusion, which caused her to become disorientated on Thursday.  

Further testing has not found any other tumors, so it appears that this is localized.  We are in the process of meeting with Neuro surgeons from Northwestern, and Rush Hospitals in Chicago, to further evaluate her condition, and determine the next steps of her treatment.  

We are a family of faith, we believe in the power of prayer, and Gods love and sovereignty in each of our lives.  Again we appreciate all of the love, support, words of hope and encouragement, and prayers, from our friends and family.  Either Judy or I will post updates when we have new information to share.   

Jon Fisher   

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