Maria Petulla

First post: Jun 18, 2021 Latest post: Mar 24, 2022


TWO SCARY REALITIES - there is still a serious, scary amount of cancer in my body — even after so much success. We have at least one year, 12 whole months, of serious oncologist treatment, healing protocol, juicing, food as medicine, supplements, continued love, support, prayers, much-needed continued fundraising efforts, and needing virtual or in-person volunteer caregivers’ help from 30 min to a whole day with my disabled left arm and extreme fatigue. 

NOW I’m aiming to get my cancer into remission. This is still a long road ahead. My cancer activity dropped from 3,010 to 528 (aka a well-known blood test CA 15-3 Cancer Marker) PLUS 6 serious physical visible symptoms improved by 60%-70%, including tumor shrinkage (aka tumor death).
But 528 is still scary high. The number needs to be 30 or lower!!

SO THIS IS IT! After 12 weeks in Mexico receiving treatment at the Immunity Therapy Center, and healing in Palm Springs, CA for two weeks, I’m back in Brooklyn setting up my life so that I can completely heal Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Quick synopsis: I chose Immunity Therapy Center (ITC) for low-dose chemotherapy (18%) and 31 other medical and alternative treatments - all out of pocket. With your prayers, well wishes, good vibes, and donations, I had 9 weeks of treatment, where again my cancer activity dropped as stated above from 3,010 to 528, and radical positive changes occurred in physical symptoms improving by 60%-70%. During this time, I’ve had almost every side effect of chemo, but nothing has deterred me.

Now onto find an oncologist to continue my treatment from ITC --  continue the supplements, food, juicing, and several cancer-destruction-focused machines that have proven effective in the fight against this aggressive cancer!!

This CaringBridge website continues my healing journey and the difficult road ahead.  This is an all-in-one place that provides me a journal area for you to keep up with my progress, a planner sign-up to help, a photo gallery, a place for well wishes, links to my doctors and healers, and more. I’ll keep updating Facebook and GoFundMe which is also linked here.

Another Frightening Reality – In The United States, metastasized stage 4 breast cancer patients are generally put aside in a "bucket" and categorized as non-treatable. Basically, they are left to die slowly with little to no treatment. Clearly, the treatment I have been receiving at ITC with your help has proven incredibly effective. I am one of those rare cases that DOES have a greater than 90% chance of getting my cancer in remission and living a long, healthy, and normal life. 

There are very few oncologists in The U.S., particularly New York State, that DO work with patients such as myself. I have an appointment/consultation with an oncologist from Mt. Sinai on June 23rd in hopes that they will accept my case and work closely following the treatment that has worked thus far. 

Should this oncologist decide not to take on my case, as NYU did not, then I will have some major decisions to make regarding where and what treatment I can afford to get through this battle. I am asking for lots of prayers that this oncologist will take on my case and continue my care here in New York State and the United States. I will update everyone as soon as I have some concrete answers from this oncologist.  And another mention to sign up to help me with my disability. I cannot thank all of you enough for all you have done and continue to do to help me with my fight.  We ARE winning this fight!!!!