Margaret Kirschner

First post: Mar 13, 2018 Latest post: Apr 3, 2018

“I believe we are energy. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. I think it's so interesting to think that after my body is gone I will be a part of every one and every thing in the universe.” Margaret Kirschner reflecting on what will happen when she dies. March 9th 2018

Margaret's body is winding down and she has made the choice to make her final days as comfortable as possible, verses taking measures to prolong it. So with the help of family and Hospice, she is at home where she is comfortable and happy.

Margaret has so many friend who she loves dearly and who love her. I would like to use this site as a way to keep you informed on how she is doing and keep her connected to her community. If you post on this site I will ready your comments to her. You are also welcome to visit, but we will need to work to not having too many people in a day and overwhelming her. This week is packed with family and friends already scheduled in, so I would like you to hold visit until the week of the 18th or later. We can use this site to communicate. Please keep visits short, 15-30 mins. at a time as her energy is limited.  

Margaret has given love to all of us.  And guidance, wisdom, teaching-by-example, laughter, stories . . .  and even potato chips!