Marcia Ridgell

I was first diagnosed with Uterine cancer December 23, 2013.  Had total hysterectomy on January 27 2017.  Ended up being Stage 3 Grade 1  Uterine Cancer.  Did 6 chemo treatments and 31 radiation treatments.  Got the new I was NED February 2015.  Startimg feeling better getting back to my old self.  
Fast forward to February 2018.... Went for my 6 month check up and yearly scan.   Then went for my next 6 month check up in August 2018.  Dr said he never got scans from Medstar so he ordered another ct scan.  October 2018 got the news that they found 2 spots on my left lung.  So got sent to a pulmonary dr at Mercy.  To see what my next steps where.  So had to have lung biopsy done  November 2018.  Surgery didn't goes as planned my lung collapsed on them. So had to go back in and have chest tube put in.   Follow up appt  dr says my  biopsy came back not. cancer. So he  wanted me to come see him in 3 months. With follow up ct scan.  The 2 spots didn't grow since  October scan.  He wanted to get a pet scan  done and compare it to the one that was done in 2016.   So at the follow up for  results of pet scan the 2 spots were glowing.  So he ordered another lung biopsy  done.  The second  biopsy dr was able to get 3 samples.  Which came back my cancer had spread to my lung. I will be going in on June 11 to have part of my left lung removed.