Marcia Nelson

First post: Jul 1, 2020 Latest post: Sep 7, 2020

Dear Family & Friends,

On May 20th, Mom took a fall at her apartment in Chaska and broke her femur in her right leg.  She was taken to Fairview Hospital in Edina and had a rod and screws put in to stabilize the bone.  The xray showed a lump at the site of the break and they decided to biopsy that during surgery and take more scans of other bones.  The results showed that her left hip was also very compromised and thin, and a follow up surgery was recommended to strengthen that hip with hardware that would allow her to use her left leg during her recovery from her broken femur.  Two surgeries in three days.  Mom did great great through both surgeries.  She was transferred to Masonic Home for rehabilitation a week later on May 27th.  
In the days that followed, the results from her scans and biopsies came in and it was confirmed that she has Stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to most of her bones.  Mom has decided that she is not interested in pursuing treatment and is focused on her quality of life going forward.  

On June 5th during a PT appointment, Mom was working on shifting herself to a wheelchair and broke the humerus in her right arm.  After another trip to the ER, where they gave her a temporary cast and sling, we all agreed that she should come to Colorado.  We found a place that would allow visitation - as we hadn't been able to see her during this entire time, and which we desperately wanted.  

So on June 8th, she was transferred by a medical van to Colorado, where she is now 10 minutes from all of us.  At this point, only Paige and I are allowed visitation - 1 of us per day, which has been great.  We are so very happy she is here and we can be there for her.  We hope that Colorado continues to open up their visitation and that others are allowed in to see her after this isolation period.  She is able to see other visitors thru her window - as she has a ground floor room in skilled nursing at this time.  

Mom would love to hear from any or all of you - by phone, text or e-mail -  or regular postal mail.    Please note that because mom is currently able to only use her off hand, she may not answer emails or texts but she loves receiving them.

Her address is:
Attn Marcia Nelson
1855 Plaza Drive Apt 106
Louisiville, CO 80217

We will be posting updates here for anyone who is interested.  Please feel free to share this website with others.  We so appreciate all of your thoughts and care. 

Tracey and Paige