Kilisitina (Kris) Gates

First post: Nov 17, 2020 Latest post: Nov 20, 2020
Our journey started 11/6 when mom told me she was not feeling well. She went to bed early and we made plans to get the tires changed.

Next morning I wake up. I ask her if she wanted to come with me to get the new tires. She answered no I don’t feel well. I touched her head. She had a fever. I got her some cold medicine. I thought it was the flu.

I left to go get the tires. When I was done I gave her a call to see if she wanted breakfast. She said no thank you I will see you at home.

I decided since I was in Yorktown I would go clean the church. Once I finished I went home. That was when our life took a huge turn. I found mom on the floor she could not move or talk to me. I called 911. She was taken to riverside at this time.

Her case was a mystery because she had no scars, no scratches. So they pushed a lot of antibiotics to help figure out and narrow down her diagnosis.

She was tested for covid and flu both came back negative. Once I was able to be with her is where I got a crash course in medical terminology. Riverside hospital did a lot for her. She was diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis. They found bacteria on her mitral valve.

At that time they opted for the bacteria to be treated with antibiotics and postpone surgery.

She was making progress. David and Beth came down on Thursday and we took turns visiting.

David noticed the DNR. He talked with mom about what that meant to see if that is what she truly wanted. After finding out what she really wanted she signed her wishes and the DNR was removed. Beth and the chaplain were able to witness. Praise the Lord!

Saturday David visited, Sunday I visit. Talks about discharging begin then moving her to rehab.

2:36 am we get a call that mom coded.

It took forever to get to riverside. We arrive at the Medical ICU to be told the bacteria had spread to her Aortic valve and valve root. We are told she needs the surgery but now we learn she has about 7 aneurysms on her brain. Talk about mind blowing.

It took 4 shocks and Chest compressions to get her back. She was down for 20 minutes.

The miracle is that she came back at this time she was coherent. She tried to take the tube out of her mouth which is understandable.

Another day many tests, X-rays and lots of we are not sure when surgery will be.

Finally after being up for so many hours. We learn she is being life flighted to Sentara Norfolk General. The whole day passes nothing is happening. We are getting frazzled. Only to find out Norfolk rejected her case. It’s to risky.

Back to the drawing board. We meet Mary from MICU who made it her mission to find a surgeon and a bed for mom somewhere.

Mary comes back with news that she will be life flighted to VCU here in Richmond, Va. that was so fast. It’s now Tuesday morning 11/16. David & Beth, the kids and I hit the road and here we are. Meeting new doctors. An amazing surgical team.

They ran their diagnostic tests: heart Cath, echo and get her settled. We meet Nick her nurse who is amazing! This hospital is amazing.

By the end of the day we are told her surgery will be on Wednesday. They took our numbers so that they could reach us. Dr Medallion is so nice. He is the Medical head of the hospital. He will perform her surgery.

We would not be here without God and the prayers of all our fine friends.

Love and hugs.