Madeleine Lim

First post: Feb 18, 2019 Latest post: Jun 8, 2022
3 years ago, Mad was diagnosed with in situ breast cancer that showed up in a duct. She successfully had a lumpectomy in 2019. Since then she has been regularly checking in on her health.

In December a lump showed up in her other breast. This time, the cancer is more advanced, the tumor is larger, and it is invasive breast cancer.

In order to preserve her health and prevent problems down the line, Mad is undergoing a double mastectomy on Thursday, May 12, 2022. The day after her birthday!

She'll be going on medical leave for several months to recover and heal, and offline until at least August 1. And possibly fully back to work in September.

This time, her sister is coming to stay with us in order to support Mad with care and meals at home. She's a great cook and will be doing the grocery shopping as well. Mad will be on a special diet to reduce swelling post-surgery so she won't be able to eat take out for a long while.

What Mad needs:
• rides to and from multiple post-surgery appointments, dates and times coming soon.
• send flowers, she loves irises and also loves orchids
• gift cards to grocery stores - trader joe's, rainbow grocery, target, mollie stone's

Mad hopes to be well enough after the surgery to attend the world premiere of her new documentary, Jewelle: A Just Vision, about Jewelle Gomez. That's on Saturday, June 11, so it will be motivation for her to heal!

What else Mad needs:
I've taken taken on Mad's duties for QWOCMAP, and other work is being distributed across Staff, Board, and volunteers. Mad has said that the most meaningful, supportive, and impactful thing is work to be taken she doesn't have to worry about the organization. So that's what we're doing. If you want to help here as well, please email and Staff will reach out to you.