Maddison “Madd’s” Hinze

First post: Nov 29, 2018 Latest post: Dec 11, 2018
So if you are reading this you love our little family and most importantly want to see how our baby girl is doing. We 
arrived in Los Angeles today and tomorrow (Wednesday) is her pre-op. The surgeon said it should only be about three hours so we will have some quality time with Maddison 
before her surgery  on Thursday  morning. 

As of right now, the surgery is set at 10am, Thursday..... but if for some reason a baby needs it first they will have to push back Maddison’s surgery for later.  As hard as it will be on our 
 family to do the surgery later in the day., our hearts will continue to pray for the sweet baby that took her spot and 
needed it more than our Maddison. We ask for prayers for all the families going through this incredibly hard time.!

Maddison, our sweet girl. Where do I even begin. She’s 
literally all smiles, excited to feel better and hasn’t shed one tear or even a speck of fear. She is literally our HERO. 
Mom and dad are hanging in there. Of course Daddy has a brave face for all of us, he is literally my rock and has more strength and courage in his tiny little finger than I do in my entire body.   As a mommy I’m an anxiety MESS. I just know that world will be off my shoulders when the surgeon comes out and says “the surgery was a success and you can go and see your baby”
So please PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY for her! We will keep you updated every chance we get! Thanks so very much for the love and support ! 
Love, The Hinze Clan