Lynn Reeves

First post: Dec 10, 2014 Latest post: Mar 3, 2023
In October, 2014, I saw my back surgeon because of back pain. He ordered an MRI and sent me to a pain specialist for a steroid injection. At that visit, his PA noticed an area on the MRI and ordered a nuclear bone scan. That scan revealed a lytic lesion. That lesion prompted numerous blood tests, CT scans, and panic. My oncologist ordered ultrasounds, biopsies and a PET scan. On 11/6, we were given a diagnosis of metastatic cancer (probably from kidney, lung or breast). We met with an oncologist and the initial impression was multiple myeloma. On 11/24 at my annual mammogram, an ultrasound revealed 2 areas that needed to be biopsied. Those biopsies, along with a biopsy of the lesion on my back, were positive for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. My oncologist is planning radiation for the spinal lesion, and chemotherapy and surgery for the breast. Your support, love, and friendship are what Laura, Sophie and me need to get through this!!