Lynn Grimm

First post: Apr 26, 2020 Latest post: Jul 31, 2020
Lynn volunteered for an MRI on the morning of April 7th so the MRI Techs of her company could be trained on the new imaging units recently delivered.  Incidentally, a mass was recognized inside her spinal cord and required further review. After the MRI was read by local radiology and neurosurgery physicians, Lynn was quickly referred to Mayo neurosurgery.  A video appointment was scheduled with the Chair of Neurosurgery of Mayo for April 14th for consultation. 

On April 14th, Lynn was officially diagnosed as having an intramedullary spinal cord tumor extending from approximately C4 down to the lower side of T1 (about 7 cm).  The tumor is most consistent with ependymoma associated with a syrinx on both ends of the tumor.  
In retrospect, Lynn reported she actually has loss of temperature sensation in her hands and arms and doctors think it is fair to say that her disassociated sensory loss is related to the intramedullary tumor.

Mayo neurosurgery strongly recommended surgical resection of the tumor. Given Lynn’s young age, it untreated, the tumor is going to undoubtedly cause progressive neurological deterioration, and as this tumor grows and progresses, any function that is lost is unlikely to return. 

Lynn and her family decided surgery is most appropriate based on the recommendation of her doctors.  Surgery requires a laminectomy extending from approximately C4 down through T1. A spinal fusion will not be done at that time unless surgeons felt there was evidence of instability. Surgeons stated the major risk should be no greater than 10%, which does include quadriparesis and paralysis. Lynn will likely need physical therapy to maximize her recovery. Lynn will experience loss of sensation in her feet hopefully on a temporary basis and initially after surgery she will feel unsteady with walking.  Over time this would improve facilitated by therapy.

Lynn is scheduled for surgery on April 29th at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN.