Lynne Neary

First post: Aug 22, 2022 Latest post: Jan 20, 2023
Hi there! So…I have cancer. Triple negative breast cancer, to be exact. I was given the diagnosis on July 28th. It is staged at 1B, but that could change. It’s about 3CM in size and it looks like a nerd (the candy). It’s so hard to update everyone that cares about me, sometimes I forget things and sometimes I repeat myself. So this will be a great way to let everyone know what’s happening! Oh, horror. To have so many people care about you that you have to actually post a journal 😊 
Today, the day after my birthday, I will go to Dana Farber and hopefully get my port installed and my chemo schedule. I wish I had more information to share, but I just don’t right now. Basically, we are all waiting to see how this 🍕💩 reacts to chemo then go from there. 
So, as I go along I’ll update you all. Stay tuned for pics of my bald head! 
*edited to correct the size. It’s 3 CM *not* 3MM! This thing is a chonk!!!