Elphege 'Al' Lavoie Al & Lynne Lavoie

First post: Aug 30, 2018 Latest post: Sep 5, 2018
On Sunday, August 26th, Lynne Lavoie's husband of 31 years, Al, stepped outside with her in the evening to get some air. He collapsed and wasn't breathing for a long time while Lynne tried to apply CPR. EMTs were eventually able to get his pulse started and get him to the hospital, but he passed away surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors on Wednesday August 29th, at 8:40PM, because his brain had been too long without oxygen. 

This came just after Al had completed a difficult battle with chemotherapy and radiation for throat cancer and had been looking forward to celebrating that victory with Lynne. 

Lynne's feeling of why this happened is, "Al was a warrior and a great man of faith and we think the Lord brought him home because He needed a warrior for Christ." 

The suddenness of the event has been very hard on Lynne and has left her with bills she is trying to figure out how to pay; contributions (either directly to her or through GoFundMe) would be very helpful.  For now she is not in need of meals, but phone calls, letters, and visits are welcome. Also she would very much appreciate your writing your comments and memories of Al on the Journal page to encourage her as she tries to sort out the path ahead.