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Lydia Johnson

Hello, I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's 9 years ago.  While its changed life in many ways I have been able to enjoy my children, friends and interests.  The PD has been managed with exercise and medication.  Last year though I started having a wearing off effect.  That meant that the medications were becoming less effective.  In November I underwent a medication change. I went off my old medication because either I had built a tolerance for it so it was rapidly losing its effectiveness or I’ve developed a problem with digestion that was decreasing the medications effectiveness. Or both : (. So I’m on a new medication but it is taking longer than I had planned to get it right and there is a possibility that it isn’t effective for me at all but we have to let it play itself out for another couple months - per Drs. The next step would be Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) or other medication trials. I will be tested for the possibility of a digestive barrier in April. Meanwhile I started an alternative therapy in January, which I feel hopeful about. All to say it has been a tough year but there will be improvement. Until that happens, I am hoping to let people know what is happening, stay in touch and organize ways people can be helpful.