Lux Knudsen Cowles

First post: May 25, 2022 Latest post: Jun 6, 2022
Welcome to my CaringBridge website! I am using this site to coordinate help with rides, meals, social time, and basic chores over the next month or two while I’m one-handed. Under “ Ways to Help” visit my planner or linked Meal Train site to sign up for a task or contribute funds. The gallery has a couple photos of my wound and you’re also welcome to leave a well wish! 

I really appreciate your support however you are able to express it. Well wishes left on this site are so appreciated, as are contributions to my meal train or extra money to help offset the cost of  more takeout and more Uber rides than normal. I am also going to need help with some light cleaning and household chores as I learn what I can do with one hand and what really requires the use of both of my hands 😂. Most importantly I would love to see all of you! If it sounds fun to you it would be fun for me to plan times to cook together and hang out rather than you preparing a meal for me beforehand. I would also love to go on walks, hikes, to co-work, play games, lie around in the sun,  etc.  Thank  you for your help.

The backstory:
On Monday, 5/16, I was trying to pit an avocado and accidentally partially severed a finger instead. I am so grateful to have received immediate quality care and that my injury is not worse than it is. It was a clean cut that didn’t damage the bone or tendons. However, I did sever a nerve and an artery on one side of my left middle finger and have had nerve repair surgery on Tuesday, 5/24, in the hopes of regaining basic sensation.