LuluAndDick Sethre Lulu and Dick Sethre

First post: Jul 12, 2022 Latest post: Oct 3, 2022
A simple graveside service for Lulu and Dick was held on September 10 at Plum Creek Cemetery near Pittsburgh PA, followed by a luncheon and remembrances of Lulu and Dick.

A memorial for Dick and Lulu Sethre was held on August 27th at Cremation Society of Minnesota. Friends and family gathered and remembered Dick and Lulu. 

Their story: Lulu and Dick have lived an amazing story of love and adventure. From meeting on a Blues Cruise ship and traveling the world, they built a life together with professional success and caring for their community. More importantly, they shared their love with friends and family. Lulu and Dick have had a life many would envy. They are giving new meaning to their vows to cherish each other "in sickness and in health, till death do us part".

Most of you know that Dick lived with prostate cancer for many years. Five years ago, the cancer became aggressive, and Dick endured many treatments, some experimental, to keep it at bay. We all hoped it would allow him to live the life he wanted with his loving wife Lulu, friends, and dogs. In March, Lulu received the shocking diagnosis of advanced non-small cell lung cancer. She tried several treatments, but none worked.

On July 12, they decided to face the end of their time in this world together and with love by entering hospice care. In a first, the Little Hospice moved two beds into a room together, where they spent Dick’s last days with friends and family.

Sadly, Dick passed away on July 17. Lulu followed him on July 25. Their energy is untethered from this earth, dancing in the universe. 

Both families are buoyed by the wonderful well wishes, tributes, and pictures that have been posted here.  This Caring Bridge site is maintained by Lulu's sister-in-law Teri Cleeland and friend Margaret Cory.