Luke Quick Luke's Medical Journey

First post: Jan 2, 2021 Latest post: 20 hours ago
Prior to his diagnosis Luke started experiencing pain in the back of his head in September 2019. In November, Luke's head pain became unbearable prompting us to seek medical treatment. Thinking Luke may have had a head injury, his physician ordered a CAT scan and that's when Luke was diagnosed with a Chiari malformation. We have spent the month's since then visiting a variety of medical specialists, performing a battery of tests, and pursuing a variety of non-surgical therapies to treat his pain. Luke had brain surgery on June 23, 2020.  Since surgery Luke's recovery has gone well except that he now has a spinal fluid leak in his brain in the surgery area.  We are praying for the leak to correct itself because if not, Luke will need a second brain surgery to repair the leak in the future.A Chiari malformation is caused when a part of the brain known as the cerebellar tonsils and sometimes the brain stem, protrude through the opening at the base of the skull called the foramen magnum. Normally, the only thing that passes through the foramen magnum is the spinal cord. When other portions of the brain extend through this opening, it can block the normal flow of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) between the head and the spinal canal and cause a variety of symptoms including headaches in the back of the head. I have attached a picture of Luke's brain from his MRI showing a yellow line where a normal brain stops and then the additional 13.5mm of cerebellar tonsils that Luke has blocking the normal flow of CSF between his head and spinal cord to better describe the medical problem Luke has been diagnosed with.We wanted to have a place where we could update everyone on Luke's Medical Journey as we move forward and ask for prayers for him.