Lucy Bonvissuto Lucy Bonvissuto

First post: Mar 4, 2021 Latest post: Aug 13, 2021
If you're here, you already know the best parts of Lucy's story. 

She's Italian through and through. A Texan, a Floridian, long-time Nashvillian and frequent traveler. She runs the show at the dental practice and is a sister, wife, aunt, cousin, mother and LuLu  to three. Lucy is a more-than-frequent TJ Maxx shopper, proud Notre Dame and Alabama fan, lover of all things Christmas and collector of an astonishing number of Santas. She's loyal to her family, friends, hair stylist and nail tech, and maker of the best red sauce that's ever covered a ravioli.

There's a lot more to Lucy than her pancreatic cancer diagnosis, but we're here to tell that part of her story, too. 

Thanks for being here to check in on her and share your support.