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Hello anyone out there, I'm desperate for help... been in chronic pain for 3 years, visited dozens of professionals, tried everything, and nothing helps:

History (Left-handed)
Played sports (tennis, boxing, badmington, swimming) and weight trained since childhood. No injuries.
Golfer’s elbow started in ’07 (Age 23)
Mild occasional “aching” shoulder pain started 2012 (both sides) (Age 28)
June 2013 tennis injury; radiating pain down arm while hitting a forehand. Had to stop. 2 weeks later, intense anterior shoulder pain started. Tried to cautiously play through it; eventually tore labrum, severe injury, needed arthroscopic labrum repair September 2013, after failed conservative rehab.
Prior to surgery, and after surgery, noticed tingling pain in right arm (non-surgical arm). Suspected cervical discs, MRI revealed no findings.

My Condition
Upper left body musculature slightly atrophied compared to right side. Especially deltoid, scapula muscles, rotator cuffs.
Left-anterior scalene often presses against clavicle causing radial nerve radiculopathy
Alignment: left side seems to be slightly rotated forward

Radiculopathic nerve pain radiating down both arms (mainly left), alternates radial, ulnar, median. Just by walking, swinging arms, or making elevated motions causes pain to get worse.
Occasional sharp anterior shoulder pain
Mid-back (Left rhomboid) tightness / soreness
Cracking sound near thoracic spine when deep breathing
“Clicking” sound coming from both shoulders; several times a day
Current ROM is excellent (IR, ER, Abduction, etc.)

Diagnostic Tools
3 Left shoulder MRI’s. (Rotator cuffs always healthy)
- 1st August 2013, prior to labrum repair, revealed type 1 SLAP tear, moderate bicep tendonitis
- 2nd September 2013, post labrum repair, confirmed labrum repair successful
- 3rd November 2015, no labrum re-tear, but slight defraying

2 Right shoulder MRI’s (Rotator cuffs always healthy)
- 1st October 2013, negative findings (without dye contrast)
- 2nd July 2014, SLAP 1 tear revealed (with dye contrast)

2 Cervical MRI’s
- 1st October 2013, slight inflammation around C6/C7, no bone spurs, disc herniation, etc, C spine healthy
- 2nd November 2015, No inflammation, no disc bulging, all findings negative. Moderate loss of lordosis
*T-spine included in 2nd MRI, negative findings, but disc space reduced

2 EMG’s / Nerve conduction studies
- 1st March 2015, negative findings
- 2nd January 2016, negative findings

QSS active imaging tool (Quadrilateral Space Syndrome)
- February 2016, negative findings, moderate inflammation of Left should supraspinatus

Full body X-ray
- Slight spine curvature (Scoliosis) in Thoracic area, Thoracic disc space seems slightly compressed; both considered extremely mild

Left elbow X-ray
- Negative findings

Medications: I tried: Neurotin, Cymbalta, Muscle relaxers, Oxycondin. Only oxy somewhat reduces pain
NSAID’s – no reduction in pain
Cortisone injections: Left and Right shoulder, LH Bicep tendon, Bursa, GH joint. All failed to reduce pain.
Prolotherapy – Saline injections, 6-8 weeks, both shoulders. No results.

Chiropractor (4) – Atlas orthogonal correction (C1), 3 sessions. No improvement.
- ART focusing on Pec minor, scapula muscles. No improvement
- C and T spine manipulation. Noticed T3/T4 are close together. No improvement.
Osteopath (1) – 6 sessions, no improvement, mentioned that “Alignment is off”, muscle imbalance suspected, Fascia not healthy
Physiotherapist (4) – No idea what’s wrong with me. Knew more than half of them about upper body anatomy.
Sports Rehabilitation Specialist (1) – 6 months of rotator cuff, scapula stabilizers, core strengthening. No results. Pain aggravated.
Pain Specialists (2) – Trigger point injections (lidocaine), TENS electric stimulation, minor improvements
Acupuncture (2) – Went to doctors in both East and West. With / without electrical stimulation. Focused on multiple upper body areas, including scalenes.
Orthopedic Surgeons (6) – Examined MRI’s and conducted physical tests; rotator cuffs healthy. Half said labrum was unstable; GH joint cavity too spacious. Couple said bi-lateral MDI present. No major consensus.
Neurosurgeons (4) – Examined MRI’s and conducted physical tests; Discs are not the problem. Consensus. 1 doctor saw slight spine curvature (scoliosis) in full spine X-ray
ESWT – focused on shoulder, 6 weeks, no improvement
*Trigger-point release helps temporarily. Main areas of relief: Serratus Anterior, Rhomboids, Lats, Serratus Posterior Superior

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