Lucas Shawstad Tragedy and Hope - My Son

First post: Jan 30, 2021 Latest post: Jan 13, 2022
Hello - this is David Shawstad (DAD) and this is the Caring Bridge site for my son, Lucas David Shawstad. I have set this up because Lucas was involved in a terrible car crash on January 23rd (2021) early in the morning. As I understand from the authorities, a friend/co-worker was driving him and Lucas back home from Washington to Minnesota, when Lucas was in the back seat sleeping sometime in the morning 0700-0800 hours Mountain Standard Time when the car drifted off and then either swerved or over-corrected, possibly to avoid something or otherwise, and ended up rolling, which is when Lucas went sent through the front window. He was air-lifted to Billings Clinic-Hospital and is still in critical condition. I believe the driver was belted-in and mostly okay. His mother started a caring bridge site, I believe, yet despite the attempted outpouring of unified support I was trying to show, his mother felt she had the right to cut me off from the site; of ALL times, to use a life-or-death situation to cut me off from any updates via the site for my son, (OUR son) even though I had written a lot already and was getting up there as quick as I could!! 

Now - Please here me out. I don't want to dwell on negatives and I won't. However, this I strongly felt this had to be addressed. Why are there two sites? The very Critical Time for My Son, the Support needed to help navigate such a an overbearing nightmare alone?? Nobody should have to do that. And nobody has the right to DO that to another person and cut them off from their support and help they have already written to their son. Not sure if those messages are even there or if she deleted them. However,  despite prior problems, Lucas has two (and only two) True Parents!! I am one of them. Right now, what needs to happen is to build a Bridge of HOPE - that's done with the materials for Love, Forgiveness, Redemption, and Unification. Malice, Distrust, Selfishness or trying to Select who can help Build that Caring Bridge of Hope and further who can Cross it?? Such things are not welcomed here. If you want to be members of both sites, go for it, just understand that if you bring prejudice (of any sort) with you... then your not on the right site. So, now I've said it, since you might wonder why there are two sites, his mother or other negativity will not be mentioned again.

Visit both sites, leave comments and share both sites, donate to both sites if you really want... but this is primarily about LUCAS DAVID SHAWSTAD. This the HOPE site but you don't need me to tell you that. Check out both. Make your own conclusion. That's all I'm going to say. 

So if you would like to know to know more and can help out in any way, from supportive words (which mean more than you know) or, if your in the position to do so, please consider Donating as well. Just joining shows support as I can't handle the e-mail flow with spam, who's who, what's real vs. something else? I think I've already lost some emails but I'm trying. The site let's us all stay in contact. I also have a "GoFundMe: Encrypted and very Safe place that is PART of the Caring Bridge.. I know security and safety of personal information is a big deal for people these days, so by using a trusted third-party, the funds have to be used for the reasons stated (Medical Bills and Related Medical Issues for Lucas - this includes a very small percentage if I need help to offset a trip to see him once my Quarantine ends and the Doctors it would be very  beneficial for Lucas versus just talking on the phone then Yes - again its strictly for Lucas!!
There are daily updates, also personal journals, pictures, and ways to show your support. So PLEASE sign up and the rest of us will all keep in touch much better. Even if you want to be part of both sites, that is fine. Karma is Karma... put good out into the world and do good? Eventually, it will come back around and often from places or even people you don't expect. I believe that as much as I can. Regardless of your religion, spiritual beliefs, lack thereof or your  background and personal beliefs, even your relationship to Lucas or me, you may love one and hate the other or somewhere in-between, I don't care. 

The only 3 rules I ask: Don't be a stranger, if you sign up then please participate, even with emotional support. I read this stuff to Lucas when I can. #2 No negativity whatsoever directed at me or my son. And finally #3, for any other situations, see rules #1 and #2.

All who want to sincerely help, in ANY way, are welcome. I'm just learning how to use this site so please, accept my humble apology in advance if something is not done correctly or you have trouble navigating the site as I'm normally okay with computers, but not when I'm in my current state of mind.  Looks like I can't transfer my old postings from the other site, so I will just re-do it, and try to remember as much as possible, and from the first entry onward, it's all live and up to date with the current news. I know the medical costs are going to be through the roof. My poor little dude has suffered and already lost so much, but I'm not thinking of that right now, one day at a time and I just want him to live, not suffer, and be as comfortable as he can be. 

Lastly, the only thing worse than the possibility of losing your child, is not being there when it happens. I have been exposed to COVID (I don't have it, yet) but due to this I sadly cannot see him in the ICU as IF I had it (and as of this update 2-weeks since the incident, I am very sick and lost my voice) it could kill him if I did have it. I tried... I literally everything to get around it.. but there is nothing else I can do but call to check with him and leave these updates, well wishes, stories, and share encouragement and support within this site's community. This is terrible. More for him than me. I love my son so much... I feel bad that maybe I did something wrong? Did I go left when I should have gone right? Should I have done this versus that? I don't know. I'll address that later on. 

But right now and for the near future, I have to stay focused on him for now while I recover at home. So that is the real story and please wish for his best at recovery and please join the site. Whether prayer, meditation, well-wishes, or thoughts... these take many forms, so the format isn't important, the intent of the heart is. Just having a shoulder to lean on is okay for now. I can't emphasize that if you are a friend either to Lucas or Me, or you have known us in the past but maybe don't feel positive towards him or me, all I ask is please understand that this is my son. Check your ego at the door and I will honor any way someone wants to pay respect to him, whether you knew him, or heard about him, knew me or heard about me (good or bad)... I don't care. it doesn't matter. We are all connected in this chain of life. Thank you and I 'Hope' to see you inside.. on the Bright side!

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