Luca Carpenter

First post: Jul 28, 2021 Latest post: Aug 7, 2021
Hello Friends and Family!  We are starting this site to have a place to update everyone on Luca's surgery and healing, as well as to ask for help/support as needed.  As many of you know, Luca was diagnosed with a brain tumor surrounding most of their pituitary gland back in January.  The tumor is known as craniopharyngioma and it is benign (meaning no cancer), but it is growing and is a threat to the optic nerves and Luca's sight.  We've named the tumor Penelope because if you can't have some humor around a brain tumor, what's the point of having a brain?!  LOL

In any case, after many needle pokes, CT scans, and doctor appointments, Luca will be having surgery to remove Penelope on Aug 2nd.  Surgery is expected to last about 4 hours and then Luca will need to stay in the hospital for 4-5 days.  Recovery will take 3-6 weeks, during which time Luca  will be unable to work at their brand new job as a Head Start teacher.  Nick will be taking the week of Aug 2nd off work to stay with Luca in the hospital.  

Gianna's other parent, Tiffany, will be in town to help with G and getting her ready to start 7th grade on Aug 11.  In addition, Luca's mom, Jill will be intown Aug 7-14 to help out once Luca is home and Nick is back at work.  In addition, we have the support of our amazing Lucky Break Farm Family to help with all the animals, household stuff, extra love, etc.

Follow along as Nick posts regular updates in the journal about surgery, recovery, and ways to support.

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