Ron Caya Love for Ron Caya

First post: Jan 13, 2023 Latest post: Jan 20, 2024
On October 24th Ron was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma that was in his brain, lungs and adrenal glands as well as an egg sized tumor in his brain. After meeting with an oncologist and radiologist, he had a large dose of radiation treatment on his brain. A day later he had a seizure that required an ambulance ride to the hospital with a week-long stay. He was put on anti seizure meds and steroids to reduce the swelling in his brain.
Shortly after, Ron had his first immunotherapy treatment that went well. He was scheduled for immunotherapy treatments every three weeks thereafter.
The Sunday prior to Thanksgiving Ron was again becoming disoriented and weak so back to the ER we went. He was admitted to the hospital again and after a lumbar puncture it was determined that he had viral encephalitis. A pic line was inserted prior to leaving the hospital a weak later and we began iv line antiviral meds every eight hours at home for three weeks accompanied by twice-weekly trips to the infectious disease specialist. Immunotherapy was put on hold to deal with this issue.
A follow up MRI was performed on 12/30. We were immediately summoned back to the radiologist office and was told the number of lesions in the brain had doubled in less than two weeks time. It was determined that radiation to treat the brain lesions was a much higher priority than the immunotherapy. A schedule was created to have radiation treatments on Ron’s brain every week day for two weeks starting January 3rd. After five treatments Ron was becoming much weaker and more disoriented, agitated and confused each day and it was not possible for me to care for him. At this point the radiologist told me the treatments were not working and were severely impacting Ron’s quality of life. He believed it was time to stop treatment and move Ron to hospice care.
So here we are in the hospital again for a few days while they identify the correct medications and doses for his ongoing headaches, anti seizure and anti viral meds as well as reduce his agitation while working to set up hospice care at home. We’ll continue to care for Ron at home and shower him with all the love he so deeply deserves for as long as it takes.
So though it seems as though I’m just stating the facts of a story, it has been a horrendous ride of emotions with devastating results. We continue to have the most amazing support from our incredible family and friends and are truly blessed to have these angels along side of us.
Please continue to keep Ron, myself and all of his family in your prayers. And express your love to those who are close to you because life can change so unexpectedly.
And don’t forget: GO BRONCOS!!