Louis Fourie Louis' fight against AML!

First post: Oct 28, 2019 Latest post: Oct 22, 2020
Louis's illness caught everyone by surprise and with Louis being the amazing, connected social extrovert we all know and love so very much, the list of people sending emails and text messages are amazingly long.   Louis, Riette and the kids really appreciate every message, prayer and contact, but they have so many things to figure out in an incredibly short period of time, so we created this website to help keep everyone updated  and help manage the communication load on Riette.  We will post updates frequently, so you will always have the latest info. 

Please do not stop sending prayers and love, but please try posting it here instead (use Well wishes - you can add links to videos, pictures etc)  and we really appreciate your patience with responses to messages sent directly to Louis or Riette.    

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Jolandi (sister) +1 678-640-2300, jolandisn@gmail.com ( you can reach me on whatsapp)

Answers to some Frequently answered questions (FAQ):
1.  What illness does Louis have?
He has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

2. Where is he receiving treatment?
He is in Gosford Public hospital in Gosford, Australia. He is in K8 Room 7. Please note that they don't accept flower deliveries.

3. Can we visit?
Louis would love to have everyone there all the time if he could, but the chemo will be intense with the purpose of destroying all immunity, so keep in mind that you may be turned away if he doesn't feel well. It is critical that he doesn't get exposed to anything that could make him sick(er) since he won't have an immune system to fight back with.  So please delay your visit if you think you may be getting ill or have been in contact with somebody that is ill.

5. Please see the Ways to Help link on the site for links and information?
PRAY for:
- Healing
- Strength and courage through the treatment for Louis
- Strength and support for Riette and the kids Clinton (12) and Bianca (15), Ouma Carlien and Oupa Johann (Louis' parents) .
- Wisdom for medical staff making to make the best possible decisions for his treatment.