Lori Smith

First post: Dec 7, 2018
Friends and family of the Smiths~


 Lori and her family could use a little help from Santa this Christmas. As you probably know, Lori is having some serious medical issues which have resulted in some seriously big medical bills- just in time for the holidays. They are very concerned, stressed and overwhelmed.

 Lori and Andrew aren’t the type of people to ask for donations, and quite frankly hate to have to ask, so I will clear it up for them-I INSISTED! I told her that her family and friends want to be able to help. Let’s help take some burden off them financially.

 They know people are strapped for cash this time of year. They don’t want to burden you! So, even a small donation helps. Any monetary donation is wonderful and SO ARE GIFT CARDS! If you have any gift cards collecting dust, please consider passing them on! Coupons are great also! For these items, there are two places to drop them off-Poulsbo Running (℅ Chris) or Eye Candy Salon (℅ Angelina) in Poulsbo. We can take items and deliver to them. Please check with Lori first before dropping by her house.

THANK YOU. Thank you so much. -Brooke Hammett