Loretta Kos

First post: Dec 26, 2018 Latest post: Mar 12, 2019
My sister, Loretta Kos Gonzales, was just 3 weeks ago diagnosed with cancer - inoperable Stage 3 and is now under intensive radiation and chemo treatments for the next 6 weeks.   She started treatment at the Mayo in Phoenix December 19th where our other sister, Debbie, lives and can provide a place to stay as well as amazing support during treatments.  

Loretta and her husband Ric,  are like most of us and  need a paycheck to keep the household going.  Although she does have good health insurance it does not help with the mortgage, household bills, or living not to mention travel, medication, and co-pays.   Ric will be continuing to work but traveling back and forth as much as he can to support Loretta during this process. 

Loretta and Ric knew each other 35 years ago, however their lives took them on many different roads until they were reconnected  6 years ago and married on July 21, 2012.  They have now purchased their dream home and are working to make it their own before this news. 

Any immediate help or support to ease the stress during this fight is much appreciated so they can focus on beating the cancer and recovery.