Lorena Yanez

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Hello to all our Family and Friends! Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. 

At first I didn’t want to share this with anyone but my children and close family, but then I said how else is everyone going to know about what the Lord has done!

I will start from the beginning and tell you about how this journey of my life began.

New Years Eve 2017, I woke up with what looked like hickies ( no they were not hickies!) I took a shower to prepare for my day and the "rash" spread. David decided to take me to ER and ER was unable to figure out what was going on. The ER doctor told me to make an appt. with primary care doc and go from there. Doc ordered allergy test and we discovered that I was allergic to American Cockroaches ( because apparently cockroaches have nationalities- LOL )  

I still had no explanation for the "rash" and thankfully my primary care doc had wisdom and ordered up all tests ( blood work, ultrasounds, mammograms and MRI's) to be on the safe side and rule out everything and anything that can be going on. 

All tests came back well and with healthy reports but I was still missing the mammogram. For all my Beauties reading this and know what and how a mammogram feels like, I purposely put this off for last. It came time for scheduling the mammogram and when I called they told me that my copay to take test was going to be $1500.00 with Insurance ( 1500 was the portion of our deductible). In my mind I thought wow you should be paying me to do the mammogram. My Husband and the wonderful person that he is worked extra hours and overtime and found a way for me to get test done with in three weeks of original date of mammogram.  I went in for initial mammogram on 3/14/2018. On 3/16/2018 I received a call from PCP that I need to come in for a visit to go over results of mammogram at which time I was told that I had an abnormal mass on my right breast and an abnormal mass under my right underarm and that I would need to go into woman's clinic to get a biopsy done on both areas.  I received a biopsy on 4/3/2018 from my right breast and under my right arm.  On 4-4-2018 I was called in for an apt the following day.  Let me just say that because of how fast they called us back my nerves were pretty much activated because there was so much to think about, so many scenarios. On 4-5-18 I was diagnosed with Malignant Neoplasm of upper quadrant of right breast, so in other words, I was diagnosed with the Breast Cancer.  As you can imagine we were speechless, almost in shock, and to hear those words was something I will never forget. I think I did what any human would and just cried. My doctor began to explain the process and explained that the process was a long process. She explained that there will be a team of doctors I will be working with for my treatment plan. She also explained that it could take months to get an initial apt. 
LOLOLOLOL!  What my doc didn't realize was that I am a Daughter of the Most HIGH GOD!!

I received a phone call for a consultation from surgeon on 4-6-18 to see him on 4/11/18. I had to call my doctor's office to get a copy of medical records and the nurses in the back office were in awe that I had already been called, my doctor was surprised and said she had never in her 11 1/2 years of practice had she seen a patient called that fast! 

I went see surgeon and although I was OK with his recommendation of breast conservation surgery, I was not okay with his shaky hands and delicate demeanor. I began to do research and discovered that my husbands company had a special program for employees and or spouses that have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona was one of them and after a phone call and reminder from the Mayo clinic regarding heat, I decided to call the City of Hope ( cancer treatment and research center) in Duarte, California.

I had my Initial appointment with them was April 27th, 2018. I am currently in the process of seeing specialists and a team of doctors that are hitting every area, every issue of my body in order to be cleared for a mastectomy, implant placement and a possible hysterectomy for some complications I am having in the female areas.  It has been an overall good experience at the City of Hope that there are days I almost forget why I am there.

There was a point when all this started that I was fearful, that I had doubts. I had a dream several days after diagnosis and I was sitting on the beach and the Lord was telling me you're going to be just fine, this will be another part to your testimony, you will be able to share my goodness and mercy with women who are experiencing what your going thru. I woke up told David that the Lord told me I will be ok! I told David we need to become members of our church, we need to start serving because we were going to depend on the Lord and serve our way thru this storm!

We became members of our church and are the Youth Ministry Leaders of Nueva Vida Church of God in Perrris, Ca!

At this time there is no surgery date schedule because I am still consulting with the team of doctors involved in the care and treatment of the breast cancer. I have a few more follow up apts. but will keep you all updated.

Thank You for allowing me to share this with you!

Love You ALL and remember Jeremiah 29:11, I do on a Daily basis!!!!