Lorena Bliss

Hi, my name is Melissa, and my family wants to keep everyone updated about her wellness. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of the situation, my mom has been developing a variety of health problems throughout the past couple years. Within the last five months, her illness has exacerbated, leaving her unable to walk without assistance or breathe normally.

She went to the Mayo Clinic last week to receive some answers and help about next steps; however, when she arrived at the clinic, she was malnourished and extremely dehydrated (Because she is not able to breathe normally, eating has been an extreme challenge and difficulty for her). Instead of running tests, the doctors rushed her to the Mayo hospital immediately to begin working on getting her hydrated and nourishing her body.

After having differing opinions on what was actually happening to her body, the Mayo hospital was able to let us know that she has multiple system atrophy.

This disease is incurable, and given her progression, the doctors gave her a prognosis of a month at most.

At this point in time, she is being transitioned into hospice care.

My mom is still in Arizona, and is unable to fly. The doctors are afraid that she is too unstable to make the drive back to California with the rest of her family. Our family is working on setting up a type of physician aided transport to bring her back home.

I will continue to give updates and prayer requests through Caring Bridge as needed. 

Prayers for now are:

• My mom has given a profession of faith, please pray that He would continue to guard her faith and sustain her until the end of her days, whenever that may be.

• If the Lord wills it, she would be healed by His hand.

• This difficulty would allow those who know my mom to seek comfort not from the things of this world, but from Christ and Him alone.

Thank you so much.


Andrew, Ashlyn, and Melissa (Allen) Bliss