Logan Spencer Logan's Brain Surgery

Logan Spencer is 16 years old and is the last of 4 children in a family well-loved by their extended families and their community.  He is an Eagle Scout and a genuinely good young man.  It’s been for some time that he has complained about having headaches.  Seeing his doctor, it was initially believed that the headaches might be caused by a food allergy and as a result, the believed-to-be offending food was removed.  The headaches seemed to decrease in frequency, but occasional bad headaches would persist and other symptoms began cropping up affecting his ability to concentrate.  Symptoms, including more frequent headaches, eventually became so bad that Logan temporarily lost consciousness on one occasion in public with his mother.  An MRI was subsequently requested which revealed a tumor attached to his pituitary gland along with two cysts.  Because the spinal fluid was not circulating correctly, the pressure had been building steadily in his head over time.


As you might imagine, discovering your son and brother has tumor in his brain is devastating.   Less  devastating, but devastating nonetheless can be the burden of shouldering the associated costs of neurosurgery, extended hospitalization in the ICU, and the significant ongoing costs of working with various specialties over the coming year who will be working to restore Logan’s health.  Our desire is to help in alleviating some of the financial burden they will be required to shoulder.  We are hoping to raise $10,000 to help in covering some of the costs associated with Logan’s medical care.  There isn’t a more deserving or worthy young man and family.  If you would like to make a difference in the lives of some good people, this circumstance is worthy of your consideration.  One hundred percent (100%) of all donations will go to the Spencer family to help offset medical costs.  We sincerely thank you in advance should you choose to make a donation, regardless of the amount.