Lizzy Fandl

First post: Dec 24, 2021 Latest post: Dec 1, 2022
In early December, 2021 Lizzy had been bothered by an unexplained rash that took her to see her primary care doctor. While there, she also mentioned she was experiencing some acute pain in an area near her pancreas.  She was immediately sent for a CT scan that showed what appeared to be a mass on her pancreas.  Having the most confidence in her doctors at Rush Oak Park Hospital, she agreed to a surgical biopsy there which revealed she had a tumor on the front of her pancreas. 

Within days, Lizzy learned some good news.  Her oncologist believes that after chemotherapy shrinks the tumor,  he will be able to operate and Lizzy has a chance for a full recovery.  Cancer is never an easy journey and support is so crucial.  In fact, many who are in the business of treating cancer consider family and friends an important part of the care team ... so welcome to the team.