Elizabeth Michaelis Liz's Lung Cancer Journey

First post: Mar 6, 2022 Latest post: Apr 20, 2022
Liz's Story

Starting in April of 2019, Liz started to notice things weren’t right. She developed a slight cough. Then fatigue and weight loss set in. Like any good mom, she worried more about her family and friends. Eventually she did go to her doctor with the initial thought of it not being anything too serious that medications would resolve. When the medications didn’t seem to be helping, Liz was referred to a Pulmonologist. The Pulmonologist ordered x-rays which lead to the discovery of numerous nodules on her lungs. Based on these results, he thought she might have a lung infection. This resulted in a trip to Froedtert Hospital for more testing and a bronchoscopy procedure to examine the inside of her lungs.

Even with this additional testing, Liz was planning on being home in the evening to take care of her two boys. However, she experienced back pain, rapid heart rate, and continuous coughing while at the hospital. This lead to her being admitted for further observation and testing through the weekend. One of the additional tests was a CT scan. On July 15th, the most unexpected and devastating diagnosis Liz could have imagined was delivered to her of having Stage IV Lung Cancer. Liz was immediately referred to the Cancer Center at Froedtert Hospital. The news wasn’t any better. Her diagnosis was just confirmed - Stage IV Non-Small Cell Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer that had Metastasized to both of her lungs. Liz also learned she has a spot on her lower spine. The type of cancer she had been diagnosed with has no cure but is treatable.

Fast forward to 2022. February and March have been filled with lengthy hospital stays including an ambulance call to our home. We have decided to switch doctors and treatment is being switched to Froedert Hospital in Downtown Milwaukee. After biopsy testing Liz has qualified for a targeted chemo pill treatment. One pill is a  pill she was previously on and the second pill will be combined with the first. The results of this targeted therapy have been very promising and we are hoping she will be able to get back to having a better quality of life. 

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