Liz Palm

At 27 years old the last place I expected to be was in a breast surgeons office receiving news that I had breast cancer. I noticed a lump on my left breast about a month prior. I called my sister Vicki to come over to make sure I wasn’t just being dramatic, she suggested seeing my primary doctor which is exactly what I did that following Monday. After meeting with my doctor he wanted to send me for an ultra sound and biopsy which they couldn’t get me an apt for 2 WEEKS!! They couldn’t get me in any sooner and told me “not to lose sleep over it .” Yea thanks easier said then done... after a long and drawn out two weeks my mom went with me to get an ultra sound and biopsy. I was the youngest girl in the room of woman who were 50+. I’ll always remember the moment I looked up at the ultrasound screen and just saw this huge thing under my skin and thinking to myself well that can’t be good. After that testing I had to wait another 5 days to get any results. Later that week I was getting ready for work when I received a called from my doctors office asking me if o could come in that day, i told them I wouldn’t be able to come in until the following Day and that’s when everything changed. The doctor got on the phone and said “I didn’t want to tell you this over the phone but we need to get started on a treatment plan ASAP because you have a cancerous tumor.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing this was supposed to end up being a cyst or something silly and easy to take care of not breast cancer! I immediately called my mom so upset not knowing what to do. Now that I had this information weighing on my mind, not knowing much about anything at this point I started googling tumors and from what I was immediately seeing I was thinking “ok so they just have to remove this tumor and I’ll be good as new” Later that week I met with a breast surgeon with my boyfriend Evan and she explained that I had breast cancer but they didn’t know what stage it is until they remove the tumor. So funny side note... back track to the day before I got fake eyelash extensions and you can’t get them wet for 24 hours, so I told Evan going into the apt that no matter what the news I couldn’t cry because I would ruin my eyelashes! Haha I think he was ready to kill me. (Something that’s funny now though !) Still not truely understanding how much my life was about to change I went to see an oncologist from there and that’s when reality really hit me. I thought I was going to the oncologist to get blood drawn so I told everyone I would be fine going on my own, when In reality I wasn’t. I got awful news that I couldn’t even digest, she explained how they needed to start chemo right away, I would lose my hair, get surgery, then go through radiation. Evan and I had a two week trip planned to Portugal May9-21 and I was diagnosed May 4. I wanted to still go on my trip but that wasn’t an option at this point. The doctor expressed that the next 6 months of my
Life I would have to commit to her in order to live my future life to the fullest. And that’s just what I had to do.