Liz Hardin-Strnad

First post: Dec 30, 2018 Latest post: Jun 12, 2019
Sorry  guys, bad news, my tumor from 2008 has grown back and is now impacting the left side of my brain and not just the right side, so now I have cognitive issues as well as L side paralyzation. Honestly it’s kind of nice to know I am not going crazy and that the tumor is responsible for me being super distracted and constantly making typos (so many typos!!)  and kind of mentally non functional with logic and problem solving and stuff the last 6 months or so. Good  thing my awesome husband Rob Strnad is amazing at those things, he is a super big help and has been absolutely great.

Medical  info: The tumor is nowa grade 4 Gioblastoma and is considered ternmial with a survival window of 12-18 months. Currently I am getting steroids to try and reduce the swelling from the tumor that is currently affecting my ability to move things on my left side and to get back more function on that side. The ongoing plan is for palliative care to maintain quality of life and reduce the effects of the tumor - I will be doing palliative chemo and radiation. Long term we plan on in home hospice. I am mostly fine at the moment, just trying to make sure I can continue to take care of myself when I am home by myself. I feel I am getting way better care this time around and apparently it’s encouraging that it took 10 years to come back, so there is that. 

I am m  going to be making public posts  on Facebook so you can find me there too. Feel free to share info in these posts with other people. Our immediate families already know. I will be sending out emails and messages to individuals as well that I want to tell in person. Sorry for the impersonal info blast, it’s just faster this way. Feel free to ask questions. And please ignore all the typos. If you want to know where chocolate can be sent send me an email at and  I can send you my home address.