Olivia Baker

On January 12th Livy was taken for a well child check at Factoria UW. Catherine Ramsey checked her back for Scoliosis. She referred her to UW Eastside Specialry clinic for Xrays and to Children’s Ortho Clinic based on her physical exam. Claire, Tammy & Livy went and got the Xrays done and went home. Catherine called that evening and said Livy’s Cobb Angle (the angle of her spinal curve) was 33 degrees. It was 8 in June at her last checkup. She said that whenever a greater than 25 degree change occurred within 6 months, it could require surgery.
We have been through this before and know not to panic too much yet... unless you hear it from a surgeons mouth you don’t panic sometimes not until you’re being rolled into the OR!
Livy’s next appointment was scheduled for January 22nd with Cheryl Parker at Bellevue Children’s. Mike took her and the 1st thing they did was a hand X-ray to determine that her spine has pretty much stopped growing. Cheryl explained that Livy has Congenital Scoliosis. She FaceTimed mom in as only one parent could take Livy due to Covid. She stated that Livy would be fine and that bracing and surgery doesn’t really help with congenital. Cheryl did want Livy to get a Spinal MRI and abdominal Ultrasound to make sure their are no other congenital issues such as spinal cord tethering or liver or kidney problems. This is scheduled for February 18th.
Cheryl was upset that the X-ray report stated Everything with Livy’s back was normal and had to be re-evaluated. She called when Mike & Livy got home and said that Livy was also missing 2 ribs on her Right side. This was also congenital. You are supposed to have 12 on each side. Livy only has 10 on the right side. At this time does not seem to go with a syndrome. She is also to follow up with Dr. Kline White, an Orthopedic surgeon at Children’s in 6 months.
Cheryl called back on Tuesday, January 26 th and said she went over Livy’s case with Dr. White and he would like to see her way sooner but after the MRI... and it looks like she may be a surgical candidate after all.