ROBERT HOLMAN Living Donor Needed

Hello. My name is Robert Holman. I am in need of a living donor kidney transplant. Because of medical complications related to a surgical procedure, my kidney began to fail in 2018. By September 2019, I was at end stage renal disease and on dialysis three days a week.


At this time, I am currently registered at two transplant centers:


·      Emory Transplant Clinic, (  Robert Holman, 02/12/1948

·      University of Alabama at Birmingham, 205-975-9200 option 4.


These are the transplant centers where I have currently been evaluated.  However, I am still diligently seeking evaluation at other transplant centers throughout the United States – because having a living kidney donation is just that important to my family and I.  It will drastically improve our quality of life.


I would greatly appreciate your taking this prayerful journey with me by becoming my living donor.  I know this not an easy decision to make, but know that there is assistance available to living donors.