David Rhode Help Dave Beat Cancer!

First post: Jun 13, 2021 Latest post: Jun 14, 2021
This week Dave received the the worst news of his lifetime. It still feels pretty surreal. After a trip to the ER and intestinal surgery Dave was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Adenocarcinoma that originated in his abdomen and spread into surround tissues and liver. Not only is the rate that it has spread rare for this type of cancer, it’s also very rare for a male in his mid 30’s to develop it. With the diagnosis Dave was told he has 2.5 years to live with chemo and possibly longer with other treatments. Not the news a 36 year old wants to hear. Not the news anyone wants to hear.

After taking 3-4 weeks to recover from intestinal surgery, Dave has a follow up appointment at the U of M to receive more scans and find out if the cancer has spread any further than currently known. During this appointment Dave will also find out when is the best time to start chemo treatment. Dave has been officially accepted into the Mayo Clinic but doesn’t have an appointment until August 17th. If Dave needs to start chemo before that, he will start at the U of M and transfer to the Mayo Clinic after 2 months of chemo.

Dave is very unsure of the road ahead, but he’s a fighter. His stubbornness won’t let him just sit around and let cancer beat him. Dave didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Beating cancer is going to be a tough battle with continuing rising cost. Dave is self employed and had to close down his painting business so his only focus is beating cancer. In order to receive the best care, Dave’s treatments are mainly out of his insurance coverage area, and will be costly. All of that is going to lead to a lot of hardship and Dave’s need our help!!

“Dave is a FANTASTIC guy and I don't know many that are more loving or caring than him. He has made many positive lifestyle changes recently including starting his own very successful painting business, and his life path has been heading upwards at quite the pace for some time now. Dave has always been willing to share his knowledge gained and experiences with anyone else that may find it useful.” - Scott

If you’re able any willing to help Dave fight this battle there are multiple ways to donated. You can donate right through  Venmo directly to @DavesCancerFund. 

All donations will go direct towards

* Uncovered medical bills.
* Travel expense
* Accommodations when at Mayo Clinic
* Daily living expenses due to not being able to work.
* Take the stress of him so his only worry is beating cancer.

Every little donation will help and be highly appreciated.