Harper Anne Fleming littlebitsjourney

First post: Mar 22, 2020 Latest post: Apr 26, 2020
First and for most Thank You to everyone for the support and prayers!!
Her bloodwork didn’t show anything alarming, after a few more tests, ultrasound and xrays we still didn’t know what was bothering Harper Anne. She appeared to be fine she was still happy, she was eating normally, no fever no nausea, she just stopped using her legs as much. She still had sensation just no strength or movement. So the doctors and I were on a mission to figure it out.   On March 20th she was authorized to have an MRI done of her brain and spine.  Her and I drove to New Orleans,  (almost 2hrs away) they got her set up, I waited the longest 2 hours ever in the waiting room.
The radiologist came to tell me it wasn’t a pinched nerve it wasn’t joint pain, he told me “ it looks like we’ve found a neuroblastoma in her chest cavity it is growing and compressing her spinal cord”!!!! We were instantly admitted to the hospital and this is where we will be for a little bit!! 

The flood of doctors and nurses began! Harper does in fact have a mass growing in her body that is compressing her spinal cord. At this moment we do not know what exactly it is where exactly it is or why exactly it is. The hospital is very well equipped to deal with things like this. But right now they are monitoring Little Miss and keeping her as comfortable as possible. We do know that chemotherapy will be necessary. A biopsy  of the mass is being done on Monday. From there we will know more and be able to do more!!!!

I will be updating this page. I’m keeping the Faith and trying to stay strong for Littlebit. When I know something you all will know.  And again thank you for the support that has already been given and I know the support to come.