Lisa Stromme When Taurus Met Cancer

First post: Jan 4, 2022 Latest post: May 24, 2023
Dear Friends and Family,

This is not a love story - when Taurus met Cancer, they didn’t hit it off.  

Taurus didn’t even realize Cancer had been hanging around until someone mentioned they saw them together in a photo.  Early chapters (still in draft form), indicate they may have been together for a while.  It sounds like Cancer may have even been rather persistent in establishing this relationship. 

Honestly, Taurus does not find Cancer attractive at all.  Rather rude and quite obtrusive, if asked.  Later chapters (really just an outline at this point) have them breaking up in the end.

Until then, at the point when this “not-a-love-story” ends, we are in the process of writing the chapters in-between. So, this is where we say thank you for visiting our site and helping us fill in the space in the middle of the story. 

Please join us in sharing your thoughts and prayers during our treatment journey ahead.

– and please, please, please make us laugh.

We are estimating that this relationship won’t last long, and our plan is to provide updates here on any major events that may happen along the way.  Lisa will be checking in when she can and otherwise will trust her incredible caregiving co-pilot Tim (aka Pisces) to keep this site updated with any news.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion,

The Rine Family (Lisa, Tim, Dorian and Becker)