Lisa Milman

First post: Jul 16, 2022 Latest post: Jul 16, 2022
Hi everyone. I though I would update you on my health. I hurt my neck in November and had been in PT. I wasn’t improving so I went for an MRI. Turns out the reason was I have a broken neck! I have a pathological fracture of C4 vertebrae. It is a cancerous tumor that grew inside the vertebrae turning the bone to “mush” (word used by surgeon. I had surgery today to fuse the vertebra and am recovering in the hospital. Luckily, nothing spread. The only cancer I have “was” in my neck. So now we wait for pathology. We need to see what kind of cancer it is to determine treatment. Chances are it’s breast cancer again, but what kind again determines treatment.

So, this will be round three. I had cancer in 2005 and beat it. I had cancer in 2019 and beat it. Now, I have cancer in 2022 and will beat it.