Lisa Mehlhoff

First post: May 29, 2018 Latest post: Jan 30, 2022
Hello everyone as many of you know Mom had a stroke late Sunday morning.  She had dropped Dad off at another vehicle and went to help an elderly neighbor couple weed eat their yard and move water.  Dad had returned to the house and was mowing the lawn until around 1. He. Then went to study for church. He got to the church about 245. The suburban she was driving was not there. He got that bad feeling something was wrong. He tried calling and texting Mom with not esponse. People started showing up to church. He had a horrible time playing the organ because all he could think about was Mom. He put his Mic on and walked to the front. Just as he did his phone rang it said no caller ID. He said I have to take this and stepped out side. It was an officer and he asked what his wife’s name was Dad said Lisa. He asked if she was on silver springs rd he answered yes. The officer said she has been found laying in an irrigation ditch. Dad hung up and went back in the church and told everyone to pray. He prayed with everyone before he left.   He called us kids on the way to the hospital to let us know what he knew.  
The neighbors she was helping hadn’t seen her in a while and went looking for her and found her laying by the ditch with her feet in the water.  When the ambulance got there her temp was 95F.  Dad beat the ambulance back to the hospital. But as soon as they got there they did a CT scan. They found out it was a bleeder and said that she needed a life flight. As soon as Dad heard that he asked to be on the flight. They kept telling him it is up to the pilot. They weighed him and finally the pilot said he could go. Just before they took Mom they let us see her. We really didn’t think she would make the flight to Billings. So we were so glad that they were letting Dad go with her.  She didn’t respond at all at that point in time and she was just shaking from being so cold. After the helicopter took off all of us kids loaded up and headed to Billings not really knowing if she would be alive when we got there. The whole way there we spread the word and asked people to pray. The Lord is amazing and answered so many prayers. She was way better when she got to Billings than when she left Sheridan. The updates will continue on moms proggreas from here