Lisa winning yet another award for her team Racer X Cycling

Lisa Ludwig

First post: Jun 24, 2022 Latest post: Dec 16, 2023

On Father's Day 2022, while on a team Evergreen cycling ride up highway 40 in Evergreen CO per witnesses Lisa was struck by a person driving an SUV going roughly 70mph and then sped off with Lisa's bicycle wedged under the SUV. This person only stopped down the road to pull Lisa's bike out from under the SUV and then continue to flee the scene without any help for Lisa or the other cyclist he hit. Police obtained the person several days later, and turns out the person has a long criminal history, transitioning to a woman and let out of prison on parole a year early.

As a result of the collision, Lisa suffers from severe DAI brain damage and many broken bones (3 left ribs, left shoulder blade, L1 vertebrae and S3 sacrum (tailbone)). Lisa spent 3 weeks in the St Anthony hospital ICU with limited responsiveness, and has recently been transferred to the renowned Criag Hospital in Denver specializing in Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries. 

Lisa Ludwig is a beloved wife, mother of two children and friend to many. She is a Tech Marketing Consultant and a volunteer in the non-profit realm. She loves cycling, hiking, running, skiing, anything that lets her spend time in the beautiful Colorado outdoors with her friends. Often you will find her walking her dog Niko in the woods around Evergreen. She likes to garden and she’s very handy with a paint brush. Most of all she loves to spend time with her husband and kids. 

Lisa excels at everything she sets her mind too. At age 61 she is still winning cycling races!

The outpourings of love, concern and respect for Lisa come as no surprise. Lisa is known for her kindness, always looking out for others, and always sharing words of encouragement. She’s also known for her strength and resilience. This site is to help keep all of Lisa’s friends up to date, and to offer ways in which to help.

Lisa's supporters have been crying out for ways to help and contribute, so Lisa's friends have started a GoFundMe account, which can be found on this site under 'Ways to Help'. Lisa's recovery is likely to be long, with extensive rehabilitation needed. Please consider a contribution.

We love you, Lisa.