Lisa Kriskovic

First post: Sep 18, 2021 Latest post: Sep 1, 2022
Welcome! We are using this site to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support, prayers and words of hope and encouragement. 

As many of you know Lisa is incredibly fit, she has inspired hundreds through teaching group fitness for over 40 years! She has always taken care of her health & working out is a part of her lifestyle. Until just recently she has not had any adverse symptoms.

Late August 2021 Lisa and her daughter, Ellise traveled to Salt Lake City for a close friends wedding. It was on this trip Ellise became very concerned with her moms energy levels, inability to take a deep breath and overall mental clarity. Once home Lisa quickly saw her doctor. 

The doctors discovered two large cancerous tumors on her liver. One the size of an orange, the other an apricot. Her Alpha-fetoprotein blood (AFP) level is over 5,000. A week later her MRI reveled the cancer in her liver is much worse than first suspected. Her liver is twice the size it should be. They still cannot clearly identify where else the cancer could be coming from (her oncologist believes it has another source outside the liver). Biopsy and further scans are happening next week to help get to the root of the source. Lunge, melanoma, colon or kidney are all suspect at this point.

MRI results were able to rule out any abnormalities in her brain, her fogginess is just due to exhaustion and her liver not functioning correctly. 

Because doctors believe the cancer source is outside her liver she is not currently a candidate for a liver transplant. Her treatment plan & official diagnosis are still uncertain until the other cancer source(s) are identified. The liver cancer is believed to be stage 4. 

God is still good, ALWAYS! Still Lisa and her family all need tremendous prayer! Lisa is so strong & trusting in Jesus but also so sad, and continuing to process her diagnosis. Please stay connected here for future updates. 9/13