Lisa Koch

First post: Sep 1, 2022 Latest post: May 20, 2024
Lisa was recently diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland. We found this after Zander and his family visited us earlier this summer. At that time Quinton had Hands Foot and Mouth. Lisa then caught it. Her lymph node became swollen. We thought it was related to the HFM. After it not going down for a couple of months, Lisa asked Tom Dobleman what it was. After a battery of tests, Tom said it was stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the Parotid Gland. Lisa will have surgery followed by chemo and radiation. The good news is that it can be cured. What makes it unusual is that salivary cancers are rare. Usually 300 a year in the U.S. Lisa's type is even more rare, maybe 3 to 5 a year in the U.S..