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First post: Aug 11, 2019 Latest post: Dec 19, 2019
Welcome to Lisa's CaringBridge website. We are using this platform to keep family and friends updated in one place.

In mid July, Lisa started experiencing extreme fatigue and a high continuous heart rate. She went to the hospital where she was admitted for a possible GI bleed and severe anemia. An endoscopy confirmed she had a bleeding ulcer and the cause of the ulcer was due to a tumor. She was discharged after a blood transfusion with a follow up endoscopy with ultrasound to get a closer look at the tumor later that week.

The tumor was found to be a malignant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST). GIST is a rare form of gastrointestinal cancer. Lisa's tumor is located in the duodenum, which is the first section of the small intestine.  The weeks that followed were filled with doctor appointments, scans, blood work and lots of research on GIST. She now has a great team of doctors in place, including an oncologist who specializes in her rare form of cancer and a surgeon that is familiar with GIST and specializes in the gastrointestinal area.

Lisa is scheduled for duodenal resection on Wednesday, August 14th in the morning. She will initially be in ICU and will be in the hospital for approximately a week. A more in-depth pathology will be done on the tumor once it is removed, which will help to determine the risk of reoccurrence and the next course of action.

Lisa will not be able to check email, text, social media and even phone calls for a while. Please check this page for updates, especially the day of surgery and the following weeks.

The Knoll family would love your prayers and support during this challenging time. As we know more how they need help, I will post updates. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

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Helpful links on understanding GIST: