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In October 2018 I started experiencing feminine problems and having pain in my pelvic area. I contacted my sweet doctor of many years and he scheduled me for an appointment. When I went to see him he did an ultrasound and a biopsy. He and his staff pushed for me to get an immediate appointment with MD Anderson.

The biopsy came back a week later and I had cervical cancer. Two days later, or November 15, 2018, I had an appointment with Dr. Whitworth at M.D. Anderson. Todd and I went into this appointment believing that I would need a hysterectomy and follow up chemo therapy. However, we left the appointment devastated. I did not have “regular” Cervical cancer. Regular cervical cancer is very treatable. I had small cell carcinoma. This is a very rare and aggressive cancer. The doctor told us the cancer was in curable! When I asked what that meant, she said I had two to five years.

During this time, we found that our health sharing program would not cover any of our doctors visits or treatment since we had not been on the plan for a year. We had only been on it 11 months and 2 weeks. However, both my doctor and M.D. Anderson agreed to treat me knowing this.

Dr. Whitworth’s office got me scheduled for a PT scan the next day, even though we were told it would take at least 48 hours.

The results from the PT scan came back that Monday. They were not what we expected or hoped for. I had stage four cancer since the cancer and moved to my chest cavity but was not in my lungs it was around my liver but not in my liver. They scheduled me to get a port that week and scheduled chemo for the first week in December.

Over the next two weeks my pain got worse, I got more bloated and I was more tired. On December 4, 2018, I went to the emergency room. They ran several test including a CT scan. In that scan, they found that the cancer had doubled in size in two weeks. Dr. Whitworth said she had never seen it that aggressive. She told me that if the chemo worked I would have a few months but if it did not work I would have a few weeks. I was admitted to the hospital for five days where I received my first set of chemo.

Well that is all the bad news for the moment. Let’s talk about the good news. My GOD is an awesome God. He has been there every single day. Whether it is through my AMAZING husband and family, the people he has brought into my life, the songs on the radio, the sunrise, or my amazing friends. I can’t tell you how much closer this has brought me to God. Every day I wake up asking God to show me where he’s at work today and he has been exceptional!

We all know God can work miracles. Whether He will choose to work one through earthly healing or heavenly healing, I do not know. However, anything He does is a miracle.

Also, one of our great friends was able to get me health insurance that should cover treatment starting December 1st.

People are always asking what they can do. For me prayer is the first thing you can do. Not only are you interacting with God on my behalf you are meeting God in his space. The next thing you can do is tell people about my amazing God. I want everybody that reads this to one day be partying with me in heaven.

If you do not know my amazing God, I would love to tell you about him.

Finally, you can take care of my boys. So many people are taking care of me, including them, but this is affecting them just as much if not more than it’s affecting me. Please show them grace and love, whatever may happen.