Leanne Hooper Lionheart’s Journey

First post: May 25, 2019 Latest post: May 28, 2019
Hello all, this has been quite the Journey in Health. This is long, but I want to give context to why I am asking for so much help with finances.  Without your help, I will possibly not survive this disease because of what it is doing to my body.

I have learned that I have stage 3 Lyme disease. As well as I also have been diagnosed with a brain tumour, which is sitting on my pituitary gland. This is the second one, and possibly not operable.

I have spent the last 2 yrs in and out of the USA seeking healing for my body, after being given a letter from Dr’s in Canada that they could not help me there.  They  suggested I leave my country of Canada to find help for my health in the USA or Spain,  before it was too late to reverse the damage that is being done.  Due to the health care system in Canada, they didn’t have resources to help me in time.

So here I am asking for the hardest thing… finances. But the truth is, I am in desperate need of your help. So far, I have a debt of $9000 in medical expenses. In order to help stabilize and bring healing,  I need more medical attention.  I  have an opportunity to be apart of stem cell transplant in Florida at the National Stem Cell Institute and 6 month treatment, but in order to participate in it, I need to raise $15,000 to pay for travel there and the treatment. This opportunity comes with some real promises of recovery and 8 years of remission.  

(I was first going to seek help from a Dr in Spain, and have been being treated remotely by this Dr,  while waiting for the funds to go there,  but now have been offered this program in Florida, which reduces the cost slightly. They have had some promising results with prior cases like mine. 

This disease has caused quite a lot of havoc in my body.   I often have searing pain and headaches that leave me debilitated. I somedays can’t keep food down for many days at a time, and this is why I have lost so much weight. I am down to weighing 108 lbs. I live in severe pain that keeps me from functioning like a normal person. Some days I can’t even see from the tumour  and some days I can’t walk.  I continue to push through, and by the grace of God I am able to  still pour into the lives of others around me, and that is really meaningful to me, specially while going through this.

I have nothing left for finances to help myself and no government to help.  I had to give up everything to be in this country to get medical assistance. This journey caused me to have to spend my life savings, close my business, leave everything I know,  letting go of my home and vehicle and all I owned.  I left everything behind to save my life. It was the most difficult most difficult decision a family can make, in having to be separated during such a critical time. 

My two boys 17 and 20 decided it was best to send their mom (me) off on this journey, as they had already lost their father to brain cancer prior to this. They of course didn’t want to risk me being next.  

I am asking for you to consider giving and helping save my life. If you don’t know me, I  am someone who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. 

Please help me and my family reach our goal to get me well, so we can all be together again and so that I can live a normal life and be free from this pain and suffering. 

Thank you for considering being a part of this miracle. 

God bless you