Lindy Ropp

First post: May 10, 2021 Latest post: Aug 13, 2021
My name is Melinda Ropp, but I go by Lindy.  In February (three months ago), I was in a minor skateboarding accident.  I had no idea that a twisted ankle would change my life.  After waiting it out for a few days, we visited Urgent Care where they diagnosed a sprain and sent me home in an orthotic shoe.  A few weeks later, we visited Sports Medicine because my foot had swollen to twice it's normal size and was extremely painful.  More images were taken, and in March I was diagnosed with CRPS.  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Mom studied the disorder, and the doctor's ordered a bunch of physical therapy.  The problem was, the only cure is excruciating physical therapy, and my body was not cooperating.  When I tried to move my foot, my brain would scream and my foot would lock up.  Over the ensuing weeks. my foot began to lose more and more function, until it curled in on itself and stopped working entirely.  That was a week ago.  My mom called the doctor, and we were sent to the ER.  X-rays were taken, and we were admitted to Children's Hospital the next day (Wednesday May 5).
At Children's, they put in two peripheral nerve blocks.  The first day, it was completely numb and I slept through the night for the first time in three months.  It was bliss.  I got massage therapy, music therapy, play therapy, and psychiatry.  PT didn't hurt at all, and my ankle did things I had forgotten were possible.
Then the lidocaine wore off, and the pain came back.  I was very depressed that first day.  As the pain had originally come on gradually, I had forgotten how good it felt to be pain free.  I didn't want it to come back.
Even so, the nerve block made it possible for my foot to function a little bit.  I began grueling PT daily, with mom continuing to make me do more in between.  Mom doesn't like hurting me, and it was causing a lot of problems.  She's doing better now, probably because she is also enjoying more positive time with me.
Eventually, I'll be discharged from Nationwide in Columbus and be sent to Cincinnati Children's, where they have a specialized inpatient rehab for CRPS.
Other than the excruciating pain leaving me sobbing at least a couple times every day, it's also really hard processing all the uncertainty.  Will I be able to walk again?  Or drive?  Will I ever be pain free?  Will I be out of the hospital any time soon?  Will I be able to go to amusement parks?  Or run?  Or skateboard?  We just don't have those answers yet, and that is scary.
Thank you for your love and prayers.  I wouldn't have made it as far as I have without you.