Lindsey Chavez

First post: Jun 30, 2022 Latest post: Feb 17, 2024
About 18 months ago Lindsey was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was prescribed a medication to take twice a year and after one year of treatment go back to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to see if it was working. MRI imaging was done to see if the MS lesions in the brain and spine had grown or multiplied, we were happy to see they had not and the medicine worked! 

However, the MRI also showed a large brain tumor that extended from the center of the left ventricle out towards the skull. There was great concern and urgency in how the tumor had grown so large in just the 18 months that had passed since the last MRI where the tumor was nonexistent. It is more concerning that we are unsure if it took the 18 months or if it only took a few months to grow that size. It was decided that day that Lindsey needed to go in for emergency brain surgery and have the tumor removed just two days later - May 16th this year.

Now that we are a month out, Lindsey is recovering very well and, in her words, she feels 90% of her pre surgery self. We still struggle with short term memory and “processing speed” but she is still doing remarkably well. Yesterday we went back to Mayo Clinic and found out pathology finished their report and that her tumor is a glioblastoma… this is the most aggressive form of brain cancer there is.

To go into all the details would make this post 10 times longer, so in short, Lindsey does have a lot of positive things going for her that should extend the number of years she has and the quality of those years past what you would see in an average glioblastoma patient. Lindsey and I have a very positive and let's kick this thing's *** mentality and treatment should go well. 

We will be staying up in Minnesota to receive treatment from Mayo, Lindsey will be doing a combination of chemotherapy and proton beam radiation to try and keep this at bay. We will be up there for about 6 1/2 weeks as her treatment schedule for radiation is 6 weeks - five days a week. After that course of radiation and chemo, Lindsey will have a month off and then she will start (chemo only) treatment for six months.

Due to the length of time and treatment Lindsey will not be able to return to work at least until she recovers from treatment, there is also a chance that she will not ever be able to work again - depending on the effects of treatment and the aggressiveness of this cancer. 

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing friends and family that have all stepped up and are ready and waiting to help in any way possible. Lindsey felt it was time to let everyone know what is going on since we will be leaving for treatment June 28th and won’t be returning until the middle of August. Mayo is a world leading medical facility – 2nd to none. Lindsey has a great attitude about all of this, she has a great support system, and the best medical treatment there is. We have already seen the power of prayer with this situation and we ask that anyone willing sends prayers our way and means it! Either myself or Lindsey will post updates daily in the journal, sign up and/or follow to get alerts or check back daily!