Linda Woods Linda Woods: Fighter

First post: Aug 27, 2018 Latest post: Sep 20, 2018
Linda Woods is the definition of a fighter, who has fought selflessly for others her whole life, and now must battle cancer. She is a mother, a friend, and the reason people laugh and smile even on the hardest of days. Over these past few weeks, Linda has been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, meaning the cancer is in both lobes of her lungs, surrounding lymph nodes, and has spread to small spots in her brain. 

 A month ago Linda had not been feeling well, and then one night had a spiked fever and went to the hospital. Over the span of days and many scans and doctors visits later, her world had been turned upside down, and she began fighting for life. 

Linda has an incredible 21-year-old daughter who is about to be a senior in college, is an active member of her church choir, is a part-time comedian (but could be the next Ellen), and is the person you turn to when you need a hug.

 Linda is my third parent, the person who I cry to and laugh with, who reminded me that through all the hardship, we as humans have a super power, smiling. She is the human equivalent of the sun and everyone gravitates towards her. Whether you know her or not, you have benefitted from her presence in the world by making it warmer and sunnier.

 An example of who Linda is, with or without cancer, is when she called me to tell me the cancer spread to her brain, she said,  “Liv, how are you? Sorry if I am shaky, my eye lashes are windshield wipers right now.” Before telling me the large news in her life, she asks how I am doing, selflessly, then cracks a joke amidst everything. When she went to the hospital to go over her scans, nurses flocked her room because they heard other nurses laughing, because everyone gravitates towards Linda. She is making the hospital her temporary comedy venue. Linda is a selfless comedian who is about to start a long journey of fighting and conquering this cancer.

 Linda has been a fighter her whole life, and now she battles a journey of pinpoint radiation on her brain lesions, along with immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

 CaringBridge provides the opportunity for those who love Linda, those who have never met her but benefit from the power of a laugh or smile, and those who simply want to join Team Linda the Selfless, Singing, Comedian because human grace is what matters at the end of the day, then welcome to the fighting community.

 The financials of battling such an aggressive cancer are extremely burdening, and if you can and want to support Linda in her fight, then please donate the GoFundMe page. Every penny counts and makes a difference.