Linda Kelm

First and foremost I want everyone to know how grateful I am for my friends and my family that have been there for us. Back in 2012 I lost my dad and I had just had a total knee replacement one week before his death. 6 months after that my daughter Brianna at age 12 got very sick and it took 3 months and 5 specialist to figure out what was going on. Finally after doing a liver biopsy we had our answer and she was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis 1. Unfortunately these autoimmune diseases are wicked the meds you have to take are awful and they don't agree well with her we've been doing this for 6 years and she has had to be homeschooled because her white blood cell count and immune system is so low she gets sick very easily and then has to fight to get through that sickness. 3 months after Brianna being diagnosed I lost my mom. There is no cure for these autoimmune diseases and Brianna was hospitalized in children's a couple weeks ago the worst she's ever been she had turned completely yellow and was in so much pain it was so scary. You look at your child and all you want to do is take the pain away and when you can't it is so frustrating! Right before my dad died I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and one year later they added lupus to that diagnosis. I have had 5 total knee replacements in The Last 5 Years. Since March of this year I have been hospitalized multiple times with all these new diagnosis they've included autoimmune pancreatitis, bleeding ulcer, portal vein thrombosis, and a hietal hernia. About 6 weeks ago I thought I was feeling strong enough to start working again and got a job with a loan company of course against doctor's orders but I've never been a good listener and at the end of the first week I had a TIA which I guess is like a mini stroke where there is no damage left over and they fired me because they said that I was too much of a risk after that happening and I had been honest about my medical conditions but that was a new one on me. one week after Brianna got out of the hospital I ended up back in the hospital for my bleeding ulcer again. I get so frustrated and so down because I am really trying to get us on our feet but it seems to be one thing after another and you want to just beg to make it stop so I can be able to support my daughter. Right now I am so far behind on everything and we can't go to a shelter because of Brianna's immune system her doctor said absolutely not and I'm very scared and I'm asking for your prayers and if there's any help that you could give or point me in the direction to I would be very blessed and very grateful. I know this has gotten quite lengthy but it's just gone this way over the last 6 years and I want people to understand that this is the last thing I wanted to do is put this out there it's embarrassing but I don't know where to turn and a social worker at Children's after finding out what had been going on strongly suggested I do this. thank you for taking the time to read this if you're able to send prayers and share this I would be so appreciative!