Linda Haugland

First post: Jul 23, 2022 Latest post: Aug 29, 2022
So many care and love my mom, it seemed creating a page would be a great way for everyone to stay up to date with communication as we all battle through this journey with her. 

On July 13th my mom was admitted to a Fargo hospital after a few weeks of coughing and difficultly breathing. Pulmonary Edema was diagnosed and treatment began including antibiotics to get the fluid that was surrounding her lungs and the fluid inside of her lungs drained. Additionally, Thoracentesis was performed to drain a large amount of fluid outside her lungs. This helped her breathe easier and cough less. On Wednesday, July 20th we were informed the fluid they drained from the outside of her lungs was tested and cancer was detected. 

Scans were performed on her body as well as an MRI on her brain to attempt to locate the origin of the cancer. Cancer amounts were found on her spine and mediastinum (area between lungs). No detections were seen on her brain. Nodules assuming to also be cancer appeared on her lungs. Further scans were completed and Cholangiocarcinoma, bile duct cancer was diagnosed as a Klatskin tumor was found in her bile ducts leaving her liver. 

This rare and aggressive form of cancer unfortunately left us without treatment options. On August 1st we were able to move mom home on hospice care where she has been resting peacefully with very little pain.